Kipling Capital Inc.


Building Wealth While Improving the Lives of Others

  • By renovating, repositioning, recapitalizing and otherwise improving our properties, Kipling Capital’s Investment Managers have made a positive impact by improving the lives of the tenants and quality of the communities in which we invest.
  • Tenants lives are improved as a result of better maintained facilities with improvements that often include work-out rooms, recreational facilities, newly remodeled units, refurbished landscaping and qualified property management.
  • Communities are enhanced when our Investment Managers clean up eye-sore properties, improve the tenant base, reduce crime and fill vacancies. Properties that are repositioned for their highest and best use and managed effectively create jobs and other economic and social activity that benefit the community as a whole.
  • Several of our Investment Managers have been committed to the creation, preservation and improvement of low-income housing providing safer and cleaner living environments through improved security, proper maintenance, community programs, and better management.
  • Community programs offered have included fiscal management classes, children’s summer lunch programs, after school child care, single mother abuse/support programs, computer learning, youth enrichment programs, ESL classes, adolescent counseling programs and kids’ “Street Olympics.”
  • Kipling Investment Managers have also adopted environmentally friendly ownership practices (including LEED certifications) that not only provide a social benefit of protecting and preserving our precious natural resources but can, in many instances, improve the financial performance of the underlying assets.