Kipling Capital Inc.

Invesment Advisors

For over a quarter of a century, Kipling Capital has worked with established and reputable investment advisors and wealth managers (our “Advisors”) to help them identify, evaluate, and monitor real estate and other alternative investments for their clients.

With 2.2 billion in equity raised for real estate investments deployed across several business cycles, Kipling Capital can provide in-depth knowledge, analysis and experience to supplement an Advisor’s in-house due diligence and investment oversight activities.

To best serve Advisors, Kipling Capital offers several institutional quality investment programs with institutional fee structures and no placement fees paid to Kipling Capital by an Advisor’s clients. Many of our real estate investment programs allow Kipling’s Advisors to aggregate their investors into an investor pool to take advantage of special fee arrangements typically offered only to institutions and other very large investors.

Kipling Capital is committed to long-term relationships with our Advisors and to working side-by-side with them over the life of each investment to best serve their clients.