Kipling Capital Inc.


Diligent and Selective

Investment Selection Process

At Kipling Capital, we are diligent in selecting managers/sponsors, individual investments and funds for our investment portfolio. We evaluate numerous opportunities to determine which investments meet our target criteria based on acquisition price, strong seasoned management and a sound business plan supported by achievable assumptions.

The real estate investment opportunities that satisfy our selection criteria will typically have many of the following features:

  • Superior locations
  • Attractive purchase prices
  • A seasoned management team
  • Attractive long-term financing
  • Below market rents at time of acquisition
  • High barriers to entry for new competition
  • Acquisition prices that are below replacement cost
  • Stable cash flow with competitive preferred returns
  • The opportunity to benefit from favorable economic trends
  • The opportunity to benefit from favorable demographic trends
  • Value creation programs through repositioning, renovation and enhancement.